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Rock Creek Park from Calvert

Okay, in a very pleasant surprise, in the DC Blogosphere the last few days have not been all Elliot Spitzer all the time. It has not been a Spitzerbloggorific horror show. There have been some Spitzer posts. Here are some of my favorite Spitzer posts and some others thrown in for good measure.


And now a message from Governor Spitzer: What Elliot Spitzer should have said, by Cuff at Countersignature

A compare/contrast of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Silda Spitzer,* by Velvet at Velvet in Dupont.

Spitzer’s resignation as part of a pro-Hillary conspiracy (yeah, on the grassy knoll, but work with me), by Scott at Scott’s Take).


Not-so subtle guy-gazing, by Dennis at More Than My Luggage.**

The author of Why I Hate DC shows how to be a good DC citizen, and makes you wonder about the city’s mental health services, all at the same time. (See the March 10, 2008 entry– “I Called 911 for the First Time“)

Finally, a good use for those cops with radar guns has been found by Charlotte Harris.

*Who names their kid “Silda”? Just asking.
**It’s nice to know that not just women are turned into sex objects by men, but men, don’t try this with the fairer sex. Just do it to each other, okay?