DC Blogs Noted


14th Street Girl No Longer. This blogger has moved but writes of the city she loves. Excerpt: I fell in love with the city every time I walked down Willard Street or through Meridian Hill park just before the prostitutes and junkies showed up. How many other cities have Chagall murals painted on the side of a house, for anyone to see? 14th Street Girl

Annual “Your Commute Will Suck” Day Wednesday. The anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is Wednesday and that means the protesters will be disrupting traffic throughout the District. A round-up. DCist

People are still buying homes in this market. But the choices aren’t easy. Help us pick a home! mrspanic

The cheapest bus ride I’ll ever take. How to get to NYC for $1.50 — if you are willing to book in advance. Screen shot proof. Vox Populi

If tomatoes are more important to you than grass, rent a sod cutter. Bye Bye Lawn. Calendula & Concrete

Best March Madness idea of the week: maybe Obama and Clinton should go head-to-head in filling out a bracket. the dc outsider

DC Blogger Meetup Wednesday — A very informal get together for bloggers , and anyone who is interested in blogging. Everyone is invited. Regional Food and Drink, half-block from Gallery Place Metro Chinatown exit. 810 7th St.