DC Blogs Noted


My Title’s Better Than Your Title. Local blogger dreams of becoming an “Illustrious Potentate” but settles for “Fairfax County Curmudgeon-at-Large.” A discussion of appellations at Bilbo’s Random Thought Collection.

Election fever among the ex-pats. A breakdown of the Democrats Abroad Caucus in Brussel at The Mother Country (but no barbecue). He writes: We voted for which DNC members to select (superdelegates), as well as which delegates to send to Denver. The whole thing was a clown show in many ways – but a fascinating display of politics.

Who are the Superdelegates? Too Much Information examines the system and contemplates the kryptonite.

Farm Fresh Meat volunteers at a clothing drive as part of the Mount Pleasant relief effort.

A glowing review of Kiss of the Spider Woman, now playing at Signature Theater in Arlington. DC Theater Scene

The power of Congressman Leo Pines, Jr. compels you… to “VACUATE!”Life in Mount Vernon Square

Using aerial images, local artist Nikolas Schiller creates a photographic quilt pattern of Dupont and Scott Circles. The Daily Render

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