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Anacostia, death, dating, hockey, knitting terrorists, Metro and autobiographies (in six words), bus shelters, baby birds, and an old but great post from Oz (and it’s public interest — anti-smoking and all that):

Thinking about moving to Anacostia? Check out this article. But read up about Anacostia regardless. Especially if you want Christmas carols. Check out And Now, Anacostia, and not just for the post and article I mentioned.

We all know the Ides of March are cursed. But why would someone think March 19 is a bad day. You know why. Still, read about it at Sweetpea’s Garden. And let’s hope the 20th brings some relief.

And for those who really do think there’s a shortage of decent men in D.C.* here’s some advice about dating. You’ll have to make the first move though: these are nerds. DC Hero comes to your assistance.**

Okay, so we all moved to a city of Southern efficiency and Northern hospitality. But a team in Florida won the Stanley Cup for the love of puppies. So why can’t D.C. have a decent hockey Spring? It’s just the way it is. For more detail, see On Frozen Blog.***

My favorite, being a Tale of Two Cities fan and avid knitter, is the attack of the knitting grannies. Threats to our security are everywhere. I’m glad someone is monitoring the situation. And so is the Anti DC.

DC Blogs’ own Madame Meow has some thoughts on Metro and a six word (squared) autobiography. Check it out at A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm.

Why are new bus shelter seats so darn uncomfortable? And what are the other questions we ought to be asking? Jess at Du Wax Loolu (she of the great “still loves puppies” post of past fame) tells you.

And in case puppies don’t do it for you, how about a baby kiwi? Or to be more accurate, a North Island Brown Kiwi chick. If that doesn’t make you say “Awww”, you have no heart. Check out the site for the Audobon Society for the District of Columbia for more.

And last, since we’re now in the antipodes, I’ll steer you a bit far afield and to a post from (in blogging time, not geological time) long ago and far away: if some U.S. ad agency can’t make use of this anti-smoking advertising idea (with appropriate payment and consent from and credit to Bronze John+, of course), then the U.S. can admit that in addition to manufacturing and everything else, everyone else does everything else (including advertising) better than we do. Regardless, read Stranger’s Fever and wish you had a doctor as thoughtful, funny, and intelligent as this one.

*I disagree, but I’m probably not picky enough.
**If his advice doesn’t work, you can always go competent and get feminine and ask for the one who knows all, your Mom’s stand-in for all you young tattooed folk (me). And why did you want to write that in permanent ink on your flesh anyway? Aiiieeee.
***The Caps have broken my heart more times than I care to count. I’m going back to rooting for the Bruins.
+As always, the god of my idolatry. If someone in DC wrote like this man, trust me, I’d jump the guy.