DC Blogs Noted:

fun with photoshop; haphazard coloring is deliberate If My Life Were A Movie Gwadzilla Our writer, taking random photographs, has a run in with someone and his camera is stolen.

…as I took the third shot and got ready for a different angle for the fourth a driver shouted at me from his truck, “what you flashing at me?” …

The Reason for the Season City Sparkle This writer’s church attendance has gradually declined and it troubles her. An excerpt:

I miss going to church. I just feel like I can’t now. Which is dumb, because of course I can anytime. I just feel guilty because I’ve been gone so long. When I was in high school I went pretty much every week, then in college I went during breaks, and more in the summer, and now I basically go 1-3 times a year. I didn’t even go on Easter this year.

Also Noted: The Chutry Experiment has a link to a new video documentary project, TurnHere, chronicling neighborhoods throughout the US, including two in DC, Dupont Circle and Shaw. A very good point is made about the error rate differences in the Wikipedia and Britannica on Lies & Fish. Blogger Meetup Wednesday: So far 21 people have RSVPed ‘Yes’ for the blogger Meetup on Wednesday, with nine others possible – a nice turnout. These are very informal meetings and everyone is welcome — all you have to do is just show-up. In Adams Morgan at Pharaoh’s Bar & Grill, 1817 Columbia Rd. It starts at 7 p.m. (Photo Credit: Rob Goodspeed)