DC Blogs Noted


The New York Times reviews Utlimate Blogs, Masterworks From the Wild Web. It’s a collection of posts by bloggers and includes the work of a local writer, El Guapo in DC. In giving recognition to the excellent work by El Guapo, this book also helps raise awareness of blogging as a literary art of its own. Here’s a link to Amazon.

I need your support! This writer is taking part in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer for the second time. But to participate she must raise $1,800. To help, all you have to do is attend a happy hour at the Gua-Rapo, 2039 Wilson Blvd (closest Metro is Court House), from 6-10 PM on March $25. Trouble With Toast

I. Want. A. Scooter. Hydration is the Key to Success. But there are issues: First of all, I have no scooter knowledge, and wouldn’t even know what particularly to look for when attempting to purchase a scooter.

The DC Tech Community is represented graphically. Ross Notes. An effort to define just what is the “tech community.”

L2 Lounge, Georgetown. A club that has membership fees. That Guy at the Bar

Scenes from a pillow fight in Dupont Circle. Vox Populi.