DC Blogs Noted


I’m big-boned, OK?!?!? Vertically-challenged blogger rejoins a gym and gets less than she bargained for during her free session with a personal trainer. She writes: I’m 5’4 in bare feet and always wear heels of 1 1/2 to 2 in., so I was flirting w/ 5’6 when my mini-trainer approached me. He didn’t clear my boobs. Had I not worn heels, he might have met my shoulder. Honestly, don’t you have to meet a height requirement for some of the equipment? dc is my manhattan

Impressions of DC from Kathleen, a senior at the University of Iowa who spent her spring break job and apartment searching in the District. Spoiler alert: She loves us. The Podium

A fixture at the 9:30 Club for many years, Michael Biel will be remembered during a Sunday afternoon memorial at his favorite venue. DC Rocks

Top Ten Local-ish Art Blogs. ARTifice: Fear and Loathing in DC.

Do not be alarmed by the loud crashing sounds – they’re not flying manhole covers, they’re just Eric’s NCAA brackets. I’ll Think of Something

Hillary gets caught in a little white lie. AverageBro.com

Social Media… I Think We Need Some Time Apart. Local blogger spends a week deliberately unplugged from Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. and not only doesn’t die or spontaneously combust, but finds the experience “quite liberating.” Social Times.

The Conversation Has Left the Blogosphere. People are commenting on your blog, just not on your blog. ReadWriteWeb