DC Blogs Noted


Okay, buses that run early really aren’t a good idea (the drivers really are supposed to keep to the schedule). But when a local left-handed cello-player hops on the L1, the general impression is good. Bus riding: really, it’s a concept you should consider, especially with gas approaching $4 a gallon. Do you want to spend your money destroying the environment and hastening the depreciation of the vehicle you own? If not, check out I am a Lefty’s paeon to the L1.

DC crime annals on the 42 bus, as related by Poofygoo. The Time magazine reader missed the whole thing.

Cab hating? What’s that about? Perhaps the author of Farm Fresh Meatshould just take the bus (see above).

Don’t know much about Brookland? Want to learn? Like yard sales (hey, somebody must like buying other people’s useless junk, otherwise people would stop trying to sell their old nosehair clippers for $3 at these events)? Jaime of Stop, Blog, and Roll announces the Great Brookland Yard Sale on April 19.

A picture of a “sculpture of an American Bald Eagle by local artist Jason Swain can be found in Ernest Park. It is made from red oak and I believe it was carved on site.” It’s at Silver Spring Daily Photo.

What do artists want? Or need? In Shaw (an historically gentrified blog) considers this burning question. Maybe next we’ll figure out why we should care.

Artomatic 2008 registration begins today. March 27, 2008, that is. If you’re artistic (or just want to pretend that you are – there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s what being young and urban is all about, admit it) and have $90 to throw down, register. Urban Code Weblogs tells you how.

And some astoundingly honest reminiscing about what most everyone’s Spring Breaks were really like (those who could afford them) by Joe Logon of Dumb Things I Have Done Lately. But he’s honest. He admits he used to have a mullet (and posts the pictures to prove it). I kind of like this kid. Okay, he just turned 36. Still a kid in my book.