DC Blogs Noted


Too…slow. A tourist with a question and a lost opportunity. Grateful Dating.

Things I Have To Do Before I Leave DC. The Unbearable Lightness of Being gets ready for the move.

If Rhinestone Pins Were Super Delegates… Only in DC. Catch Up Lady.

Storytime! I was in porn! Crazy Mokes.

The Pit of Laundry Despair. Why apartment building laundry facilities are terrible, terrible places. Disaffected Scanner Jockey.

A neighborhood blog, OffSeventh, calls it quits. Excerpt: I started this thing as a way of getting information out to the community and I feel like it has become an anchor around my neck.

Although this post by A Silent Cacophony is about a blogger outside of DC, and probably unknown to most, it is touching and telling about this medium.