DC Blogs Noted


Free Yoga in DC? Apparently so, during DC Yoga week, which is April 12 – 18 according to On the Red Line. I see no evidence of a yoga explosion in everyone’s behavior here in PowerTown, but maybe the free classes will help with that.

Why all the bike blogs? And where are all the canoe and kayak blogs? Freewheel wants to know.

Caffeine inhalation has been getting expensive for a while now, according to DC Metblogs.

RudeCactus looks at the things he does to get ahead professionally, falling under the category of that great greeting card Chocolate Moose used to sell: “Hellish Job! Sometimes they make me do things I don’t particularly care to do!” Um, you’re an adult. Get used to it. That’s why they call it work.

Do you want to be in the movies without leaving the greater DC area? If so, see The Average Blogger’s request for movie fans to show up and become stars.

A little farther afield:

So it’s not written in English. You can still understand this post. A cute baby is a cute baby. The person posting the pictures thinks that this apparently Turkish baby is the cutest baby ever (they’re wrong: my babies were the cutest babies ever). Do you want to disagree with Ogulcan Sumbuloglu (or me, for that matter)? Doesn’t matter: cute baby pictures with Turkish descriptions. The baby remains cute, cute, cute.