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Columbia Heights new look

Maybe I’m just more cynical than Jamie of Farm Fresh Meat, but I do wonder about the motivations of the developer in question. Nonetheless, stopping by to check in with the neighbors before building seems like a very good public relations move, and is a good idea for many reasons. Let’s check back in a year or two.

Someone has noticed (and actually written) about the media trying to de-feminize Serena Williams, and it irks him. I’d say it’s because femininity is a patriarchal construct and should just be ignored, and we should just focus on what a darn good tennis player Ms. Williams is. But it pisses DJ Black Adam off, as he will tell you. He also wants you to focus on Ms. Williams’s tennis playing skills and not on whether she’s dainty when pounding an opponent into the court, just the way we like it.

Cuff at Countersignature explains how you can lose $50,000,000 in an embezzlement scheme and still pass an audit .

On the subject of things not working exactly as planned, how long does it take to get a fire hydrant fixed? That’s a question that sprang to mind upon reading I am a lefty’s picture post of the hydrant in question.

Let’s look at the bright side sometimes (I’ve been complaining about behavior on Metro a lot lately) regarding public transit: Swapping Tales notes proper stopping for a crossing cyclist. Not a big deal, you think. Unless you’re a cyclist and the bus doesn’t stop.

Now, I love Creole Princess as much as the next blogger in this fair city who wonders: “Day-um! When does she get the time to write so darn much?” but for this post, I have to ask (and Ms. Princess, you really need to let all of us know): did this happen to you or someone you know or is this just evidence of a creative and delightfully sick mind (which we all know is a terrible thing to waste)? File under: more info needed, stat.

Now, I’ve made snarky comments about people who write about TV shows,* but every once in a while** I’m wrong and happy to admit it. I’ve never watched American Idol,*** but Undercover Blackman’s choice of new covers for the lame contestants makes this hitherto unwatched (by me) show seem like something I would actually enjoy seeing. So if you want to write about TV on the web, check out this undercover superhero, saving us from bad TV everywhere.

As a mother of young children, I simply can’t imagine going through this, but people do, every day. And Toddler Planet explains how. I have no snark for this woman. And neither should you. I’m just amazed and impressed.

If you’ve never wondered what life is like in Iceland, well, you’re not me, that’s for darn sure. Check out Alda Kalda’s weather report (cleverly named: The Iceland Weather Report) an update on life at the top of the world. If you’re thinking of moving to the land she calls Niceland (why not?), she has some advice for you in a question and answer post.

*What? They weren’t lame enough the first time that you need to lame-ify them more by writing a plot summary? Also, I admit, I snark about everything. Not just people who write about TV shows. So don’t feel special or anything.

**Very rarely. Don’t hold your breath.

***Even with UCBM’s de-lame-ifying suggestions, my suspicion is that the show remains lame, lame, lame.

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