DC Blogs Noted


Eavesdrop DC heard a father explain what a disability is to his son. Did your dad talk to you like this?

A review of Chris Rock’s mother’s book and a discussion of parenthood at A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm.

And Beyond DC considers a proposed $25/month tax on commuter parking spaces in DC (Where are these spaces? Never seen ‘em.) and discusses the cost of ostensibly free parking.

And whaddaya know? Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space looks at the same $25/month tax and does a compare and contrast with New York City. What’s next? “DC’s $25/month tax on commuter parking spaces: Boon or Bane?” We will live and we will see.

Enough about buses and the subway: what about getting ticketed for jayalking? Or being warned, but escaping the ticket, really. DC Outsider missed the story for the grandchildren, but still told us.

And for those who have to commute (read: migrate) thousands of miles, it’s a lot worse when you get lost. That is: when bad things happen to good migratory birds at the D.C. Audobon Society’s website.

Seventeen years after the Mt. Pleasant riots, an incident at 11th between Park & Monroe makes the author of Farm Fresh Meat consider racial tensions that still exist.

And from farther afield (most likely outer space), if you’ve ever thought you’ve written a wacky and funny rant, admit it: it wasn’t this wacky and funny. Paul. Because ‘Paul’ is a nice name shows you how it’s done. Actually, everyone should read her post on female sexuality, too . [If everyone read this] The world would be a better place.