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Life Is What Happens When You’re Busy Making Table Seating Plans. Bridal Bird This post puts it in perspective.

Metro was packed for the Pope’s visit, writes urban bohemian. But it wasn’t the usual crowd. He writes: The only thing I can say about most of the riders was that they were very nice, aside from a few Type-A parents worried about getting separated from their kids, everyone was all smiles and “pardon me” and “i’m so sorry” when they bumped into you, so I can really only be upset with the sheer numbers of people, not their attitudes. (Photo of impressive crowd)

When the Pope isn’t in town the Metro Miscreants play their games. Foilwoman’s snark has a target.

Hypothetically. Grateful Dating wonders about his intention and seeks reader analysis. It begins: Let’s say you go to a happy hour where you see a guy you haven’t seen for a long time …

Jaywalking in DC. Escaped with a warning. The DC Outsider

Pilgrims outside her apartment. a cat and twenty.

A great spot for a saloon. And Now, Anacostia says this building reminds him of the Wild West.