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DC Bike Culture? …from what I’m seeing out there on the roads, DC bike commuters fit extremely well into the generally held stereotype of DC young professionals in general. This is a very. bad. thing. Bright Star, Would I Were Steadfast as Thou Art

Major fish catch — check out the photo. Lonnie Bruner.

Mr. T in DC reports about a new Flickr user whose work is technically beautiful and eye-catching. But, he writes, his photos and caption creep me the hell out!

Searching for D.C.’s Municipal Compost. This well written post shares an adventure. The Slow Cook.

Rave: Easily one of the funniest, most interesting movies. EVER. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Caged Bird Sings

Shrine of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Photos and some interesting history at DC Confidential

Tech recycling. DC e-cycling day, April 26, will use DOD “high-level security wiping procedures” to clear harddrives. Penn Quarter Living.

Mix motivation workout. CityBikes Cupcake Ride. Counter Intelligence.

What I learned while in DC. No Help for That