DC Blogs Noted


Empanadas, old and new. Amandaa at DC Metbogs writes of Columbia Heights: I know, I know–gentrification, prices, displacement, etc. Still, an area of the city that didn’t feel super welcoming in the past has opened up to more District residents.

Biking in Heels. Alice in Blunderland, who writes: … when I bike in skirts, DC males turn into sailors on leave.

Lobbyists Make Bad Abstract Paintings… Just Like Us! Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog

Mr. and Ms. Mallard hanging out in a fountain near the U.S. Navy Memorial. Analog in Digital. Photo

Apartment therapy’s inside look at a DC loft in Adams Morgan.

DC Cab Rider estimates the cost of meters versus zones on two separate trips and discovers: The zone system is cheaper for me on both counts.

Midnight snack at the The Diner. La Cuvée Americaine: The American Blend