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Harris Teeter is a Grocer. The reviews are starting to come in on this new store in Adams Morgan. The 42 writes: The opening day reminded me a lot of the Super Giant opening at Tivoli Square. There were tons of employees with their happy, helpful hats on, managers at every corner, fully stocked shelves, free samples and cashiers at every register. I hope it lasts.

The Ultimate Shoes. At least $300 a pair but it’s worth it I think, writes the City Girl DC

Right now. Musings of a chick. Stream of moment.

cycling in dc: where is the love? randomduck. Who writes … Meanwhile, the only truly safe way to pass parked cars and prevent being “doored” is to give parked cars three feet of space. Where does this put the cyclist? In the middle of the lane – which is perfectly legal and safe.

The tenacious scooter thief… Anna Kelso. Photos.

Photo of notes from meeting. Andy’s Home, Home on the Range.