DC Blogs Noted


The writer of FightLikeAGirl is preparing to leave DC, and with more affection for the city than I would generally like to admit to, she writes. I have loved DC.

A Learn-a-Palooza veteran explains why you should participate on May 10. Chez Schmanz en France! It begins: I’ve always felt that one of the major disadvantages of living in a large city is the potential to lose a sense of community. People don’t interact with neighbors because they’re too busy or suspicious of others’ intentions – or they’re just not sure how. But last year in Washington, DC, I took part in a possible antidote to the lack of community: Learn-a-Palooza.

How Now Brownpau shares photos of a hike down the Melvin Hazen Trail from Connecticut Ave to Rock Creek. And then there’s a stop at the zoo for lunch that’s no picnic.

Lagniappe which is a Cajun derivation of the word ñapa– a Spanish word derived in turn from the Quechua yapa and meaning an extra helping or aid, writes a Daily Doze of Zen Sarcasm, which brings us to The Argonaut.

The Artomatic show opens May 9, and the The Daily Render has a video of his installation.

Georgetown’s 1789. No jeans. Writes Cook and Book: So what I got on Saturday night was hearty but refined food with a gorgeous man in a suit. And really, what else is there?

This is an excellent post about the remarkable Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Half n’ Half.

A user generated short story, titled “Suicide At The Newseum.” It’s an incomplete work, in need of blogthors to add chapter and plot. Extreme Mortman.

My “one pot wonder,” by Blogs t r e t c h. The result: And it was faaaantastic.