DC Blogs Noted

Sometimes it’s best to just not answer the phone, as FreckledK will tell you.

Since Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner, we should all give thanks to the Mt. Vernon Trail. I’ve spent many a happy day crashing my bike on the southern portion of that trail. I hope you have too (minus the crashing part). So let’s all remember Ellen Pickering who is eulogized to us by the Commuter Page Blog.

Lonnie Bruner is in Djakarta for some undisclosed, but apparently employment-related reason and has posted a review or analysis of decrepit wooden cargo ships of Sunda Kelapa in Talkin’ Shit About a Pretty Sunset.

Foucault says Society Must Be Defended. Apparently, according to Countersignature, at least, he said this back in 1976. Who knew? Learn all you never wanted to know about deconstructionism or whatever Foucault was nattering on about, but didn’t care to ask. Or, if you do care, feel superior to my ignorance with my compliments and read the comments of a better educated person than I am.

Springtime cyclists: for the love of puppies and the dignity of our hallowed halls of government, consider your biking attire, Wiked H of Avert Your Eyes begs you, as do I and pretty much everyone else in DC who is right now thinking: spandex + winter weight gain + U.S. obesity epidemic = Not A Pretty Sight.