DC Blogs Noted


A New Yorker says visiting the District is similar to traveling in a time warp. Unlike NYC, where restaurants frequently change over, DC is filled with the familiar. Metropolis Unbound

Review: The Wonderland Ballroom. Photos, too. Excerpt: This is an interesting place. It’s certainly very friendly. I was pleasantly surprised that the men’s room was not toxic. The food is adequate (if one remembers where one is). The prices are cheap. I think probably it’s a very busy place on weekend evenings … La Cuvée Americaine: The American Blend

We’re Graduating? Really? Alice in Government-land wonders what life will be like now that college is over. She writes about her regrets, fears and hopes. Excerpt: No more boozing til 4 on a Tuesday night (oh is that what I’m doing now, when I have my last final ever tomorrow afternoon?), no more sleeping in until 2 pm on lazy Fridays when you don’t have an internship, no more impromptu gatherings to watch Rock of Love on Sunday nights. We will be real people. Whether we’re ready or not.

Wake Up and Smell the Singles. Why is the District Council legislating against single alcoholic beverage sales on a ward-by-ward basis? A blog by council candidate Cary Silverman. Life in Ward 2.

The District is lowering assessments through 2009, reports DC Home and Condo Prices. The writer looks at one project in particular, Cityline at Tenley. Excerpt: The owner has listed it for sale at $759,000, a mere $17,000 more than he paid in 2005 [basically, he’s selling it at a loss when his sales costs are considered]. However, what caught my attention is the District’s real property assessment for the condo.

Random Act of Kindness in Foggy Bottom. DC Peg