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Fire House on Lanier Street, NW

Would You Still Move to Columbia Heights? Washington DC Sweet Digs. Excerpt: The distribution of “for sale” signs is heavily skewed to the streets east of 13th St. NW, around Sherman Ave. NW, and across the eastern side of Georgia Ave., NW, in the direction of the Washington Hospital Center where Children’s is located. A lot of them are fixer-uppers, some with half-started jobs waiting for completion. At least 3 are foreclosure sales. Most have been on the market for a long time (average 90 days) and most have had price reductions.

We have raccoons on Capitol Hill, writes DC Zia. And Mr. Racoon found his way … into my neighbors’ backyard and went fishing in their little Zen waterfall fishpond, making quick sushi out of their Last Surviving Goldfish.

14U Coffee Shop Closes, writes 14th and You blog.

Museum notes: I don’t want to look at anything I can’t afford. Textiles and Bicycles. provides a report, with some excellent butterfly photographs, of a day viewing butterflies and strange tourists. Aptly titled: Buy, Own, Repeat Until Fulfilled

Amandaa at Metblogs writes about an interesting local group called Adventure Meetup, and writes that it does fun things like hiking, jumping out of airplanes, whitewater rafting, and so on.