DC Blogs Noted


Why would someone invite everyone in the universe to a birthday party when that person is over 8, much less 30? I don’t know. But anyone who goes, please do tell me all about it, and about your gracious host (who mentions a $25 cover). Who is David Gaines? Gracious living or grasping? You tell me. But have a happy birthday, with lots of new friends, David.

A better chance of meeting someone you’ll love to cuddle with than at a stranger’s birthday party: check out the Washington Humane Society’s Meow Mixer on May 22. Who else is going to cuddle with you without telling you to trim your ear hair? (Hint: not me.)

And since when do parks close for arsenic testing? Beats the hell out of me, but Fort Reno has closed for that very reason, as DC Audobon Society tells us. Which brings me to the real question: can anybody read the previous two sentences and not think “What the hell is wrong with this world?”

And if you like all the urban trails that send us hiking around this fair city, check out the proposal for the H Street Heritage Trail (that’s in Trinidad, which I’m sure you’re all familiar with) by Frozen Topics.

Some people freely admit that they can’t let go of a grudge. Nissan Pavilion and Radiohead, are you listening to Disaffected Scanner Jockey? Remember, your first discount is the most expensive. The longer you drag out satisfying this woman, the sadder you’re going to be (and look).

And amongst us, someone is threatening polar bears. A very stupid someone who doesn’t understand that whole concept of “food chain” and “nature red in tooth and claw”, but nonetheless, polar bears are threatened (I actually understand the use of the passive voice, but really it gives me a “mistakes-were-made” image of faceless bureaucrats trying to deny any active role on their own part), at least according to A Birding Blog (who must be friends with the DC Audobon Society and the Washington Humane Society, and if not, can we fix these people up?).

On the environmental and fitness and annoying self-righteousness fronts, along with the wear-a-helmet-if-your-brains-are-worth-protecting fronts, May 16 (Friday) is Bike to Work Day. You can read about it everywhere, but On the Red Line tells you everything you need to know, or sends you where you can find out more.

Auditioning in DC, and other information about being a theatrical kind-of-person in a non-theatrical (except in a non-good political-theatrical kind of way) town by Playmaker. See, this isn’t just PowerTown.

And, in news from a broad and abroad, her kids cleaned the house for mother’s day, and her boyfriend is a T***. Don’t you wish you had a boyfriend like that and an equally well-named blog? Admit it. You do.