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U Street

A man in running tights breaks the morning routine at a local Starbucks, reports Global Chameleon. She writes: I nearly choked on my venti fair-trade blend.

On home ownership. Du Wax Loolu wonders if it is better to rent or buy in DC One joy of home ownership is covered in this post, titled Ballooning the Budget by DC Rowhouse.

Church of the Big Sky gets a press preview tour of the National Gallery show, “Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul” and writes: My friend and colleague, Dr. Fredrik Hiebert, National Geographic Explorer and Archaeology Fellow, is the curator and driving force behind the exhibition. His work to inventory the rediscovered artifacts – hidden by heroic Afghans who put their lives on the line to protect these precious pieces of history from the Taliban – led us down the path to the exhibition that now graces the National Gallery for a few short months this year before heading to San Francisco, Houston, and NYC and then back overseas.

Green is the new black. The Gold Puppy on this marketing aesthetic.

Best. Vanity Plate. Ever. Possibly. The Average Blogger. Photo.

About Sen. Kennedy: Raise a glass for the senator, please. Countersignature. He made true liberalism acceptable, writes rhinos and weasels.