DC Blogs Noted

Meridian Hill Park

Red Nose recounts ten things that happened lately, although a few of them (or parts of them) seem a bit long ago. ($.50 buying enough gas to get home from where? Next door? Okay, I get it. You’re old, too.)

Have you ever been on a Moon Hike at the National Arboretum? The author of Creative DC has been. I’ve only ever been there in the day, but if I recall correctly from my visits in prior decades and millenia, this is a great time to go there, ngiht or day.

What book should Every Day I Write The Book Blog’s author take on vacation? Throw your two cents in.

And who is the El Jefe who actually needs to rule about whether goldfish are permitted to live in goldfish bowls on desks* (and also, who is the other idiotic boss who has forbidden a similar goldfish)? Don’t these people have actual work to do? Clearly I need to read the back story, and you do as well. So let’s all read up on the sad history of the poor fish at Green Canary’s blog.

A great field trip, I hope, involving the Washington Humane Society.

Paradigm Shift has some interesting thoughts on aid to Burma/Myanmar (and yes, I prefer the old name and not just because I’m a Mission of Burma fan).

An oldie, but goodie. Has a post of yours ever made someone drool? Has a woman ever written, in response to a post of yours: “I want that man, in my kitchen. Now.”? No? Take notes on this post by the always wise and tasty Champurrado of No One’s Fool.

*If you are this boss, admit now that you have a useless, pathetic life, devoid of meaning. Really. I think you should spend more time re-checking paperclip supplies. That would actually add some (totally minimal) value.