DC Blogs Noted


The writer of sogoodblog noticed something at the Wizards-Cavaliers playoff that other reporters missed, a T-shirt that said “crybaby” aimed at an opposing star basketball player. It included an advertising logo. He wrote a post, Does Papa John’s Pizza Hate the State of Ohio? that drew over 100 comments. He followed that with this post: How Papa John’s averted a WOM disaster.

New and noisy life in the backyard. IntangibleArts writes: And we discovered that it’s not just “birds,” it’s the starlings. And it’s not just starlings, but the starlings’ children. Photos.

Sunrise to Sunset to Sunrise = 21-Hour Workday. B And T Crowd

Seven DC dating mistakes. Disaffected Scanner Jockey.

In the Metro, a place where “where friendliness and eye-contact go to die,” a long delay briefly changes things. DC Outsider