DC Blogs Noted


The woman who writes Sciwonk says she was grabbed on the arm by a man on 4th Street NE. She writes: Suddenly, he leaned toward me and said, “What, are ya scared of me?” He grabbed my left forearm. Adrenaline in overdrive, I wrenched free and said, “You’re crazy,” as I kept walking. When I had reached what I felt was a safe distance from him, about 20 yards, I yelled, as loudly as I could, “You don’t go around grabbing people, you crazy man!!!!”

Ten reasons why Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull isn’t a good movie. The DC Universe

Nadja’s new shoes. Summer to the max. Bilbo’s Random Thought Collection

In town for a conference, two young woman doctors step out. I felt like that girl in the cashew commercial. Catching_babies

PDA engagement photos in Adams Morgan. Moshe B Zusman, Lifestyle Photojournalist

Confesiones de Una Soltera.. in broken Spanish. She describes herself as 23 year old. italian. venezuelan. misguided. confused. sexual. outgoing. flirty. random. ocd. impatient. bmw enthusiast, and writes about relationships. “Is it over? I am fine. Thank you dearly for your time.”

Smash tries to help the environment, but the “save the world” memo has not yet reached Target’s cashiers. Unrelated related: If you buy something at Hoopla Traders Eco Boutique at 2314 18th NW and use a reusable bag to purchase their jewelry, you are eligible for a 50-cent rebate! (Again: a reusable bag for jewelry?) Green Jewelry