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A story about an incident in a Dupont Circle restaurant. The writer of Black Sapience…My .02 decides to ask a woman why she clutched her purse when his group walked by. Excerpt: I then asked her, “Did you actually think someone was going to harm you or steal something from you? …”

Six months after leaving DC, The Donut (formerly DC Donut), says she has no regrets about returning to the Midwest. I’m home, she writes.

Attention all DC bloggers, share your DC knowledge, love, hate for prizes! Washwords. Tell one reason why you love DC, and one thing you hate/snark/whine/mock about it. The prizes are a mystery, but the answers will be priceless.

They went for the iPod and he yelled “Police.” Adjusting to being an adult … or not

City of Two Seasons: Tourist Season and the Rest of the Year. A Metro incident report by City Musings (from your Suburban Sweetheart)

Boztopia redesigns and introduces a new English language word that’s already Scrabble sanctioned: Awesometurgy

Jack Jacobson is a current commissioner of ANC 2B04 in Dupont Circle. But most of what he publishes on his blog are crime reports. So what’s the platform?