DC Blogs Noted


Dinah, a semi-local shrink writing on Shrink Rap (who I’m sure comply with all HIPAA privacy requirements), which is Baltimore-based has more to say than you really want to know about psychiatric delusions, particularly the delusion that one is having sex with fish. What’s even more disturbing? “Sex with fish” is a leading search term bringing visitors to their site. Let’s face it. We’re all doomed.

If the connections you wish to make aren’t with fish, how do you make sure they stick? Infinite Connections asks this question, without providing any answers. If anyone has the answer, and it’s not 43 or something finite like that, feel free to share here.

And back on the medical professional theme: LAD is an acronym we all need to know, but it doesn’t seem as essential coming off the lips of a self-important Hill staffer or junior associate. Someone who is resuscitating people can say it sincerely. Where’s My Cape describes the whole Long-Assed Day (“LAD”) phenomenon.

I agree with Disaffected Scanner Jockey: women don’t actually pass around the “You’re Pregnant” test covered in bodily fluids. We really don’t. We may get on the phone to our best friend pretty much as soon as we get out of bed knowing we’re knocked up, but really, the home pregnancy tests aren’t something you actually physically share. So, Hollywood, take it from Shannon (with me singing the refrain): it just doesn’t happen that way.

Free events at the Signature Theatre, as noted by“Free in DC” Free Events & Things to Do in DC.

DC Metrocentric shares a vision of the new Arena Stage.

No Passenger Left Behind Day” at Metro, as described by Eavesdrop DC. Shouldn’t that be every day?

Rude Cactus has a very important question for all you Type A/PowerTown/Let Me Put That In My Calendar Because I’m So Darn Important And Busy Types and for all us We’re Parents So We’ve Forgotten The Definition of Free Time Types: how do you find time to have sex? If you have a good answer, please, please, please let Rude Cactus and me know. Thank you.