DC Blogs Noted


This is a story about Precious, a dog shot by police this month. Dogs DC. ABC Channel 7 also has a report. This post not only offers a report on the incident, but looks carefully at an issue that has a lot more to it.

Ohi. better latent than never. Awkward moments

Fire on the Metro. Live action report by why.i.hate.dc

Bikers may be eligible for a transportation subsidy, similar to the $100 Metro cards now given to federal employees. City Bikes explains.

The Not So Universal Interconnectedness of Remotes. lacochran’s bloggery. Why you hate them: The universal remote is anything but.

Red dots mean danger. DC Pedestrian Plan Released. The Goodspeed Update

Go East, young Mayorga. A menu (and staff) is remade in Columbia Heights, writes intangible arts. Glowing review, clever title.