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A visit to a new doctor is no way to begin a week, especially if it means answering delicate questions. Do you come here often? Excerpt: When asked do you currently have a partner? I had to pause for a brief moment. I guess you could say yes. But I don’t know if that’s the label I would give the Hot Consultant; we’re not exactly partners. But then the more I thought I about it lover doesn’t quite fit. Let’s call it what it is … he’s my booty call.

Coffee/Riot: Open City. A review, but mostly an observation, about the character of Open City in Woodley Park. The 42. Excerpt: Open City is a sister business to Tryst and The Diner in Adams Morgan. All three have a generic, but organic feel. Safe, clean and comfortable. There’s a curious narrative on the OC website explaining this aesthetic, in a round-about way.

Culinary Couture writes: So, these are the cookies that could turn a gay man straight…or at least give a woman a sideways glance before coming to his senses. Photo and story.

Grace Dobush, on the artist’s magazine blog, writes of her visit to DC: What impressed me most about DC is how affordable it is. My weekend in DC. A story in pictures.

freshSample 3.0. A photo here, and an observation here: Watching people work on their laptops in a coffee shop is like watching people drive.

No more 30 dollar taxi rides for me! A blogger at NBC4, Robyn Slagle, gives thanks to meters and writes: As a young woman I constantly faced issues with having overpriced cab rides. I never understood exactly how the zone system worked and I was always too scared to speak up and ask “how could that possibly be!?”

Note about the photo: The banner photo of Mr. Snake and Mr. Fish enjoying a sunny afternoon together in the mud may not, at first glance, seem like DC, except as a metaphor for Congress. But this nature scene is from this area, and the credit for this particular photo belongs to Mike Pollack of DCNature.com Banner contributions from photographs are always encouraged. If you would like us to highlight your work, just send a note to dcblogs(at)gmail.com