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Networking failures of the world unite! Keeping up with friends is hard work and online doesn’t equal face-to-face time, Tickle the Pear opines.

On a deeper level, much of blogging is a filter-off screed against much the blogger in question dislikes. Here’s a blogger with an opposite approach: Giving Up Control advises us to be kind to one another (a sentiment I heartily endorse, even if that is often a “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” proposition), using as an example a family who gave up their son to a state institution and are now trying to reconnect. Thinking about how one would handle what this family must be dealing with really puts the whole complaining about other grumpy urbanites (which I do all the time and need to stop) into perspective.

Here’s a political announcement: Anybody with any sense likes Anacostia City Diaries better than any pundit on TV. Anacostia City Diaries is officially endorsing Obama.

Like Freewheelin’ Spirit says, no political statement here, but don’t spoke cards work better than bumper stickers when gas is $4/gallon?

And with gas at $4+/gallon is it any surprise that Hummer sales are down? By how much? Cuff at Countersignature will explain why it’s impossible to figure that out from the Washington Post’s reporting on the issue. But Hummer sales are way, way down. So that’s good.

The Brookland House and Garden Tour provided some nice blog ammo for Washington Gardener. Amazingly enough, a post entitled “Stop to Smell the Roses” features roses, which look absolutely beautiful.

I’m not seeing the connection between robot hatred and a title quote from The Great Gatsby, but maybe someone can explain it to me. Meanwhile, it appears that someone in the Collective hates robots.

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