DC Blogs Noted


Dramatic photos of Saturday’s lightning. ebullient photo blog

Sex and the crazy. The movie examined by By The Way Betch… Excerpt: … How could she? And the movie completely trivialized what is probably the most important reason people get married: to protect yourself legally and financially in the event that the life you build with someone falls apart and you need to go your separate ways. It’s not really a romantic decision …

Snake In The City. The real thing. Photos. Penn Quarter Living.

Overheard conversations on a hot day. This Too Shall Pass. Excerpt: a mother to her daughter: “I appreciate your opinions but there are times not to express them…”

How have you dealt with losing a friendship? I Wanna Sing Like Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan. In a separate post, What Liz Said, writes: One lesson that’s been the hardest to learn is that people move on from you.

A comment from a father whose son was mugged in DC on June 1. It’s on a thread on the blog Brightest Young Things, about the man who was mugged in a similar area and later died.

New neighborhood blog
: Fort Lincoln in NE.