DC Blogs Noted


A shooting in Columbia Heights, daytime, next to Metro. Eye witness report by Kittens with Mittens.

A photograph captures the essence of DC. Eau de DC, if you will, writes San Francisco Chronicle

About the NOVA/DC divide. The Interculturalists. Excerpt: She comes into the District to socialize at high-end restaurants and clubs and knows exactly whom to email to get onto the guest lists for the hottest parties. Her RA in college once told her that the Green Line was unsafe, and she would never tempt fate by venturing into Columbia Heights.

I’m going to my happy place, Metro, and you aren’t coming with me . . About the Metro derailment. Writes Crazy Lanea: I lucked into a spot on one of the first shuttles and it only took me 2 1/2 hours to get home. Also, The Mysterious Metro Emoticon. Herb of DC.

Has Central Air Conditioning Killed Community Cohesion? Prince of Petworth.

DC cash machines have started dishing out $50 bills
, reports Tickle My Kittens. Big trouble as a result. Excerpt: The taxi pulled up outside of the bar and I decided to be a little generous and round up to $20 on a $15 fare. “No change, thanks” I said as I handed him what was actually a 230% tip.

How does a person lose a shoe?
I was that person, writes playmaker

Sticky Rice review comment roundup. Frozen Tropics.