DC Blogs Noted


Doctor Moxie hears gunfire outside her house. A medical doctor, she runs to give aid. [Nod to Lonnie Bruner for pointing this extraordinary post out]

A visitor to DC falls for the city’s charms. But Chirky, in a tour of the National Cathedral, sees something that few have probably ever witnessed. An excerpt: We toured the building, and while we were in the sanctuary our guide audibly gasped and in a hushed voice, said Oh my goodness. Everyone look up at the rose window right now.

Sorry, We’re Closed. DC is becoming cosmopolitan in many ways, except one. Farm Fresh Meat

Washington DC drivers = dangerous. Photo evidence. SazzyBamm.

Could It Be More Blatant? Life in Ward 2 raises questions about a political fund raising event.

New Yorker cartoon comes to life. So, a blogger, Gefilte Fish Blues, is on the couch.

I told my therapist the other day that I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t posted to my blog in a month.

“Why do you feel guilty?” she asked. “I’m sure your readers have other things to do.”