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Mural under construction on Calvert, just pass bridge to Adams Morgan

Vox Populi’s take on the supergrads recently written about in the Washington Post and Lisa Mundy’s reporting — particularly the absence of a meaningful discussion of that dirtiest of all words — money.

It’s not always clear who’s allowed on public transit, as the Goodspeed Update explains.

And mammographers of the world: those announcements that it’s time for one’s annual checkup are great, but sending them to those who no longer have mammary glands due to the results on the last test you performed on them really is something you should try to avoid, I would think. At least the author of Toddler Planet got a laugh out of it.

Learn about the Slow Bicycle Movement from Freewheelin’ Spirit.

The author of Du Wax Lulu is grateful for technology and an actually useful one-day editing class.