DC Blogs Noted

airplane wing and cloud

Everyone’s Talking About Glover Park. Interesting information about new restaurants in a neighborhood that gets little blogger attention. Post has good refers to Washington Business Journal video report as well as a Merocurean report. Apples and Bananas

How soon is too soon? Getting past the loss of a pet. an OC girl living in an extraordinary world

Guest-Blogger David Lida’s 5 Secrets of Mexico City
. Madam Mayo

The Washington City Paper Blog has a rendering of the proposed hotel in Adams Morgan at 18th and Columbia.

A visitor’s love of DC prompts food analogy. The Electric Whisper writes: I feel now like I am slowly entering a love affair with another city. DC is capturing my heart with it’s slow paced excitement. Like a pot of bologna settled slowly to boil, there is excitement and spice beneath the calmer surface.

Washington DC Ranks 4th with Working Artists. Details at Painterly Visions

A Seattle city council member visits District officials and shares some observations on the differences between the two. City View by Tim Burgess.

I got dumped for Obama. A video song. (Link opens to a YouTube video) Very well done. DC locations.