DC Blogs Noted


Detained by Montgomery County Police For Buying Sugar. Ben Stanfield at MetBlogs shares his shopping experience.

A beautifully written memory of dad. I’m not a girl, not yet a wino . It begins: I want so badly for you to be here, to sit in your recliner and tell me to drop it, whatever it is that consumes me and brings on the drama I hate. I want you to take forever to pull up the channel listing, methodically considering each button push and its outcome, while the women of the house roll their eyes.

Me and my blankie circa 1982. A Californian-to-DC transplant shares her baby photos. Woodley Park-Zoo

What naturally follows DC’s cupcake craze? Why a cupcake blog, of course. Delleicious DC

The Indoor Perfect Storm. Rice Quips writes … the first thing Carole saw was water pouring from all of the light fixtures. It was the morning from Hell.

First Impression of her new neighborhood, Columbia Heights. the exoticism of shitting donkeys , writes: It’s charming and colorful, and just dirty enough to be interesting. The mix of people reminds me of Hyde Park and Humboldt Park, two neighborhoods I’m very familiar with in Chicago, while the look and feel reminds me of Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn: brightly painted rowhouses with front yards, some meticulously manicured, others overgrown with weeds. And with awesome burritos right down the street, I’m home. Related unrelated: Columbia Heights quote of the week. If you see something, say something

Local 16 review by Hey Batter, Batter, Batter! Excerpt: … there were definitely lots of female/male bonding on the dance floor there was a certain quality of innocence here that made this a more mature place to meet someone. Call me a hopeless romantic but I felt like this could be one of the few bars in the district where a drunken conservation could lead to a legitimate date.

Goodbye alt.* Verizon’s troubling move for Usenet. Pedro Vera’s Web Log