DC Blogs Noted


Science Experiment of One. DC Zia writes of her pregnancy, discovery, and the sheer changes it brings.

Someone complains to a firm’s HR department that a co-worker is showing too much cleavage. the reluctant grownup

Parking near Nationals stadium turns in the favor of the residents of one street. A cat and twenty writes: isn’t it always a balancing act, living in the neighborhood? the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. always shifting slightly, so you never quite know – on the day you leave the place – what your ultimate verdict about it will be. big things, and little ones, happen every day, and your mood has to keep recalibrating. like, for instance, this weekend.

One result of last week’s early morning power outage at Gallery Place is this rich narrative by dilettantish. Excerpt: One lady was lamenting that she’d been in the middle of pilates when the lights went out and hadn’t had time to change, and was now forced to stand about with her office mates dressed entirely in spandex. Starbucks had it doors open, with signs announcing “no bathrooms” and “iced coffee ONLY” — there’s no shutting down Starbucks in this city, apparently.

Overheard. A man spots a tool box by a broken Metro elevator … Wrath of the Whatever

Why thank you, tinkle fairy. VRE train fights nail clipping with education and fails. A Little Maryment