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The Washingtonienne Speaks
Louder than Words
Jessica Cutler’s short-lived blog has had a long life. This writer offers a thoughtful assessment of the Washingtonienne after listening to Cutler on the radio. And how was it that she gets a book deal?
… and I fruitlessly tap away at my keyboard with no book deal to show for it. She, on the other hand, took an admittedly brainless Capitol Hill job, slept around and bang! Now she’s doing readings and has an Amazon.com sales rank of 1,299. That’s higher than “Moby Dick.”



Here’s a link to what purports to be the original postings from Washingtonienne blog, saved by Kevin at Wizbang. This is the first entry, May 18, 2004 (Regardless of your feelings about Cutler, this opener is rocketing writing): I just took a long lunch with F and made a quick $400. When I returned to the office, I heard that my boss was asking about my whereabouts. Loser.The DCist Washingtonienne book review Also on DCist, Book Signings Both Tawdry and Wholesome.

In defense of public art
SYNERGY art project
This is a new blog about a year old effort, the SYNERGY art project. The group was created “as an answer to the complaint that public art projects have been ‘dumbed down’ for the general population.”

It also followed an article in the Washington Post last year by an art critic that criticized the Pandamania public art project in DC. This was a project that the Synergy blog author was involved in.

When my colleagues from Eastern Market handed me the paper that Sunday, I was so excited to see my panda in the Arts section. Imagine my dismay to read the very lengthy negative article that accompanied the photos of several pandas. After some discussion with friends, it was concluded that inclusion in the arts section was a good thing ….

(DC Blogs note: The original WP article referenced in this blog does not appear available for linking; it’s in WP’s archives. But there’s an excerpted portion on Marja-Leena Rathje’s blog. If someone has other links, please send and I’ll add them.)

The District
Mad Melancholic Feminista
A writer and teacher in the city for a visit brings her students to DC Central Kitchen while also examining the city’s gentrification from multiple angles. This is one:

Gentrification destroys neighborhoods and their informal support networks — sharing in watching kids, building up local schools, knowing when a neighbor is in need. You replace neighborhoods with glossy and gleaming buildings occupied by workaholics who wouldn’t put their kids in DC schools anyway. They shove the low income folks into smaller corners of their former neighborhoods and try to avoid eye contact with them as they swiftly walk by them toward the Starbucks.

3 Nights in Miami
hassan’s aish
DC guy heads to Miami for “3 sinful nights” and “3 amazing clubs.” But the adventure isn’t as lighthearted as it seems, in a post that moves from clubs to deeper recesses. (This post is dated May 26, but we just found it and it needs to be shared.)

In my head I planned to meet some women, attempt to work a little game, drink till I was sweating premium vodka, and perhaps (just perhaps!) do a few things that could never be verbalized back in DC… and then leave… scott free and refreshed for another week of grinding work. The plan sounds great if you ignore the glaring fact that I have no game.

To the would-be Romeos
More than a dozen sharply written pointers. Here’s one:

Please don’t chat me up while your girlfriend/wife is in the same aisle of the grocery store. It only makes me really sad for her.

Also noted:

Photo: A painterly sunset, titled “
Evening Sky,” taken in the Glover Park area by Goodspeedupate aka Rob Goodspeed, editor of DCist.

Photo: Kennedy Center