DC Blogs Noted

The view on Swann Street at 18th, near the corner. NW

Why would this writer leave home at night to go back to the office to clean the coffee pot? The post: O.C.D. Mike in the Middle Ages

This is what happens if you forget to move to your car on street sweeping day. But there’s a surprise here as well. 14th & You

Joe Tresh’s Capital Pride photo work is always stunning. Over the last week he has posted some of his best work. His photos have a way of putting you in the event. Washington Photo Journal

Here’s a new Metro, Jerry Seinfeld-type game, and it’s called: Space Invader. Play it now. The DC Universe has details.

Steam Cafe: If you’re looking for a spot in Dupont Circle to pull out your laptop and draft a post, this is the place to be, writes City Sifting. Photo.

Review, with plenty of photos, of DC’s chocolate restaurant. Sprite Writes

Stitch ‘n Pitch, two reports and photo of the Goodies Bag at the Nationals park. Analytical Perversion here and Sweetpea’s Garden over here.

Vice president’s no peeking memo. Freedom from Blog.

Friendliness in DC. A visitor gets help from strangers. Twice. Wayne’s Rant.

DCTriGirl’s Top 12 Running Songs of All Time.