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Greenpeace Flunks Whole Foods on Seafood. The Slow Cook offers eye-opening, diet-changing, information about this critical issue. An excerpt: Seafood sustainability is still a morass for consumers. There is no standardization in labeling. There are too many species and too many different issues involved in the catching of seafood for the average person to keep track.

Cut and Paste
is the title of this post and the subject of a query. Less than 50. A blog by someone who contracted HIV in 2004 and writes, from time to time, of his life.

DC’s Hipster Scene: Adventures at Rock and Roll Hotel. A report from the H Street NE venue with photos. The Search for J Street.

Did WaPo get it wrong? Doctor of Thinkology believes the newspaper’s “inflammatory front page headline 3 In 10 Admit to Race Bias, missed something in its data.

Farmer’s Markets – Chevy Chase DC. A report by Cambridge, Mass., blogger: Grow. Cook. Eat.

Squirrel taking it easy
. Cute photo. Life is a banquet!

Things I learned this weekend. Advice for living. Yeah, so I’m…

Her 100th Post. Freckledk, who writes: My best friend called me last week; she wants to set me up with a friend of a friend. All she could tell me was that the man in question made a good living for himself, and was out of town on business quite a bit. Now, normally hearing that a fella has a sizeable bank account and isn’t around too much would bring upon a case of the vapors that would leave me weak-kneed and frothing at the mouth.

The stormy weather has produced one benefit: a beautiful rainbow captured Dave Haft Another great rainbow photo over Shaw at Just in DC.