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D.C. Hero explains social entropy (and how to master it) to the rest of us.

It’s tourist season. Some of us try to be nice to the tourists. Some people are just plain mean. Some people try to be nice, but are tempted too strongly, which is probably just a venial sin. Disaffected Scanner Jockey can’t help you find the place you’re looking for when it’s over 500 miles away. l

Now, Danish is actually a very nice language and Denmark, one of the finest of countries* (by so many standards, it’s hard to keep track, just trust me on this), but it did seem to vex PoofyGoo slightly. Oh well.

Some interesting pictures of the as-yet unbuilt new library in Anacostia are posted at And Now, Anacostia.

Other people’s imaginations are just so, well, creative.  As this post by Q Street News about collecting the Tippi Hedren The Bird’s Barbie makes clear.

Farm Fresh Meat sees links between Hollywood and Forest Hills Frank.

Joe Logon of Dumb Things I Have Done Lately is finding his fifteen minutes of fame growing (for which DC Blogs proudly takes some credit, having brought his mullet post to the DC Blogs Noted reading public):  he features in a new Wikipedia photo illustrating the face palm.

*No, I don’t have proof up the wazoo to throw at you.  Just trust me.  Or accept my authorial bias and move on.