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Free advice from DC

Feet on Polished Floor lists the things she will miss and won’t miss about DC.

How IKEA Almost Broke Our Marriage
. Two people in a 400 square foot apartment assemble furniture. The Life and Times of Chai

A list of things to accomplish in life before turning 30. Snowbunny in the City

Thieves cut the fuel line to steal gas. Wow, Gasoline Really IS Expensive. The Home Improvement Ninja

Frozen Yogurt scoops in Dupont Circle. Apples and Bananas, who writes: At what point does a neighborhood have too many frozen yogurt outlets? Dupont Circle, already home to TangySweet, and the future home to Sweetgreen, will now be the home of Mr. Yogato when it opens this Saturday, June 28th at noon.

Only in DC and Nevada. The news about Metro’s prostitution connection prompts this post. Herb of DC Unbelievable.

Running with GPS. These are great devices. Sonnet 87

An appreciation of the Waffle Shop. It moved. Diner Hunter Photos. Excerpt: Look at the design of this place- the details. See the iridescent gold and silver tilework wrapping around the corner of the building? How open the building is with the glass facade and thin, outward canted supports?

I Have a Bike! Finally! zandria

Confident City Cycling Class This Saturday and it’s free. Commuter Page Blog