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The downside to noting this post by Eat, Drink & Be Married is that it may alert even more people to the really good venues on H Street NE, sometimes called the Atlas District. One standout is Granville Moore’s. Very easy to miss, townhouse narrow in size, rustic, and an incredible collection of imported beers (be careful what you order — there are some $50 bottles on the menu). Visit this place before it gets on tourist radar and the table waits get too long. Upstairs and downstairs bar. A related post with some good links to the changes going on here: Restaurant-based neighborhood revitalization. The Triangle

Columbia Heights news: Who’s that man?: Obama asked for ID at gym. Great report by The Hill

A letter to my body. Physical history explored by Culinary Couture. Unapologetically.

Review: Sony Mylo Personal Communicator COM-2. Interesting device. In terms of functionality this may be more than a PDA but less than a laptop. Rooshv

Good question: DC, are you really going to restrict cheap transportation when gas is $4? GWblogspot.com

Happy Birthday, April. Finding Blanche. An email box video is shared.