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The Washington Post’s unfolding series about the 2001 Chandra Levy case gets a cutting analysis by why.i.hate.dc. Its tone and point is summarized in her P.S.: I’m sure it couldn’t have been the Washington Post’s publicity/marketing/pr whatever team who already updated Ms. Levy’s Wikipedia entry with an external link to the series? Because … ew.

Liza and Gary of Liza and Gary’s DC Pizza Blog have tied the knot. Wedding photo here.

Local blogger Jason Linkins of the longtime blog The DCeiver, also writes for the Huffington Post, where he penned this piece: New Yorker Cover Falls Short Of Satire

Coincidence? On July 11, Seven Eleven gave away free slurpees, and it just so happened on that same day Metrorail set a new all time ridership record. Seven-Eleven Tops Reagan Funeral, writes Track Twenty Nine. Check out link in this post to Metro press released issued Monday for stats.

Tree boxes in Bloomingdale — a good thing? From these photos, apparently not. bloomingdale (for now)

This book recommendation may interest anyone who has children: a kid-oriented cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld called Deceptively Delicious. Pie Pants

If you live or work in Alexandria, there’s Aexandria eNews, a government information service that sends out alerts. Cold Kiwi

DC Blogger Meetup Wednesday at 7 p.m., Regional Food and Drink (RFD) 810 7th St. NW. Half a block from Gallery Place Chinatown Metro exit. Everyone is invited.