DC Blogs Noted


Local blogger does a last-minute load of laundry but forgets to remove pet cat from washing machine. Cat decides to howl bloody murder rather than sing “Tiny Bubbles.” Film at 11:00. Link at Who Invented Roses.

As the evening lengthened, I kept noticing the dog. As friends gather to remember John MacDonald, an icon of the DC theater scene, a guest’s thoughts drift toward a golden retriever named Sandy. Armchair Actorvist.

DC Damsel accepts her demotion with bittersweet grace when her best friend finds love. Remember “Adventure Sundays.”

You haven’t lived until you see your own gravestone. Area teacher on a roadtripping summer break finds his moniker alongside the headstones of pirates-turned-farmers in North Carolina. Matt’s Blog.

Time warp into my mother’s youth. While driving solo through the upper Midwest, another roadtripping DC blogger meets up with some of her mother’s college friends. Storytelling ensues. Ah Bugger.

“So congratulations irritating Capitol Hill gopher. This is what your Harvard education has gotten you. Rule your coffee getting domain with an iron fist!” Indignation and staffer smackdown at What Liz Said.

Beach Bum at Heart is shopping for new karaoke spots after the closing of the Royal Lee in Arlington.

Personal trainer instructs client to “stop whining” and crushes him with giant ball. Sort of. Photo at Washington DC Personal Trainer.