DC Blogs Noted


The Washington Humane Society’s Blog reports on pets being surrendered due to the home mortgage/foreclosure crisis. I’m a Craig’s List Whore celebrates its 100th post. However, just a thought:  if you’re referring to one of your correspondents/potential dates as “douchebag”, that’s probably a good hint that you should stop corresponding, no?Stamps now celebrate Black Cinema, and D.C. Girl@the Movies thinks good thoughts about Josephine Baker and others and appreciates this commemoration.

Other things to be grateful for (other than the oeuvre of Miss Baker, which is something for which we should all give thanks), or at least one-fifth of the 100 things that make the author happy are listed on Was It For This

On a less grateful and more snarky note: the reasons (*cough*) people really live in D.C., as hypothesized by why.i.hate.dc. And I’ll just mention MetroMan here, who writes a Metro-centric blog entitled iMetro. No specific post, but his entire body of work puts the Metro Riders Forums to shame.And back to the “things for which we should all be grateful” theme, let’s all say a little prayer that we do not experience the houseguest-bathroom karma described in Sean’s Ramblings.