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A note: The violence in the District is out of control. While the Washington Post extends its Chandra Levy murder investigation over a 12-part series, one of the more horrific crimes in the District was committed this week. It hasn’t received too much press attention. From two reports, the Post and ABC Seven: A man and a woman from Falls Church are in car near Howard University. Six men approach in what may have been an attempted vehicle hijacking. A gun is fired and the woman passenger, 47-year-old Barbara Carl, is killed. A life ends just like that. By pointing out Ms. Carl’s murder, I don’t mean to otherwise minimize the near daily slaughter of young men and women in the city. On the same day that Ms. Carl was attacked, Robert Mallory, 19, SE, was shot and killed. But at what point do we say that there’s either something seriously dysfunctional with the city’s response or we need to call in the National Guard to augment police? This is a city where the violence is so bad that vehicle checkpoints were recently put in one neighborhood, Trinidad. More relevant to this audience: Can a city of bloggers bring about change? After the shooting in Adams Morgan last week, I walked by the scene, looked at the blood on the sidewalk and watched people walk by, the rhythms of life seemingly intact. The newspapers deliver the facts; it’s the bloggers who have the power to humanize it before the violence is disassembled into the routine. There are thousands of blogging voices in the District, many with great gifts, insights and the ability to reshape the perspectives of their readers. But for all that we are trying to do as bloggers, we are not doing enough. — kob