DC Blogs Noted

The DeafDC Blog Deaf DC The mission of DeafDC is to provide “access to information, resources and bottom-line benefits for deaf and hard of hearing professionals” in DC Metro. This multi-page, attractively designed site, is celebrating its one-year anniversary this month with the launch of a group blog. I hope its gets a wide readership for the perspective it offers for the “hearies.” An excerpt from a post written by Allison Kaftan:

We’ll go to a restaurant. Waiter comes up. We’re actual living breathing citizens of this world who do, on occasion, patronize restaurants. We know the drill. Hi, my name is blah blah and the specials are blah blah and can I get you some drinks?

But no, before anything can happen, the in-law jumps in: “Just want you to know: these people [gestures to all of us] are all deaf, so you have to look at them and let them read your lips.”

We are absolutely mortified …

GWU Basketball Colonial Hoops Personally, I think college basketball is far more entertaining than the professional alternative and this area certainly has some good teams. Now it has a good blog about one of them, the George Washington University team. Also Noted: Check out photos of Pug, only weeks old it seems. By The Captain (of DC Sports) at a new and more personal blog, Through Irish Eyes. Metro gets its share of knocks from bloggers, but Killy of Knee Deep In It has a $50 story to tell. The market’s Not dead! Another opinion on the DC housing market by a new blog, the RealAstute Real Estate Blog. In other real estate blog news, Inside the DC Bubble, reports about a new retailer on 14th Street, Future Green. What’ s notable, this blogger writes, is that this is the second retail outlet that has opened in DC recently with a mission in mind other than simply turning a profit. Books For America — with its pro-literacy mission — opened in Dupont Circle last year. Unsolicited opinion: What we really need is a not-for-profit grocery store. Longing for Fuzio Universal Pasta and its Firecracker Pork Fusilli. From Eat With Me.
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