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McCain supporter takes a sudden interest in Obama supporter. EvesdropDC

He was wearing a polo shirt, popped collar, expensive jeans, K-Swiss shoes and was asleep on the ground next to this writer’s Adams Morgan home, using his cellphone as a pillow. Written in Caps

A man takes a bath in an alleyway off on K Street. Saint in Exile – Life in Washington DC The post is titled: A man bathed is a dollar earned.

All crocs aren’t bad. Koinoia writes about her Nordstrom purchase in Pentagon City: I think I have become a bit of a trendsetter here in my new gray crocs.

Jack Jacobson, who is on the ANC in Dupont Circle, and keeps track of crime, says there have been hate/bias crimes in the past couple of weeks. His post needs more specifics.

Commissary DC, described as a Tryst-like restaurant, is evidently replacing the Merkado in Logan Circle. Usually Stephanie. Washington Post report here.

DC Starbucks apocalypse avoided. alternative hippopotamus. Only one Starbucks in DC is being closed. Full list from Starbucks (pdf here.)