DC Blogs Noted


DC v. NY. Elizabeth Nolan Brown files a report with photos. She writes: I was feeling a little smug.

Love in aisle 9? Do you come here often. Sometimes you just have to settle for the Haagen-Dazs.

Things That Might Be Offensive If You Aren’t in IT The World According to Blondy. IT people rule your world, Internets, with their own special language.

Confessions of a Beer Blogger. Short bits of truth by DC Damsel.

Fans of Mad Men will enjoy this one: Ads Don’t Lie by Knee Deep In Mud.

Anonymi Fear Retribution. Members of the group “Anonymous” protest the Church of Scientology. Joe Tresh at the Washington Photo Journal.

Offlede gets photo of lightning bolt near Capitol Dome.

Avoiding The Paparazzi When You Have the World’s Cutest Baby.. Kings of the Road

Princess Carlotta. Adventures of an Urban Bunny. Rabbit Photo.